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Go live on Facebook and YouTube with Matrox Monarch HDX


The Matrox® Monarch HDX lets users stream content directly to the world’s most popular live video streaming platformsFacebook Live and YouTube. 

Capture SDI or HDMI sources and live stream to two destinations simultaneously, maximizing your audience.

Monarch HDX highlightsMonarch_HDX_240pix.jpg

  • Affordably priced ($1,995 USD) stand-alone appliance
  • Simple to integrate into existing infrastructures
  • Compatible with multiple content delivery networks (CDNs), media servers, and video hosting platforms
  • Easy to operate and controllable from anywhere via Monarch HDX Command Center
  • Native support for Facebook Live and YouTube
  • Closed-captioning support
  • Stream and/or record capabilities for all broadcast/webcast needs
  • Optimize each stream to match the recommended streaming settings of the target platform

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