The Ultimate Solution for Remote Production

Providing broadcasters the flexibility to cover more live events with less resources

Key takeways

  • Explore key market trends and areas of future opportunity
  • Discover the benefits and challenges of leveraging a remote production model
  • Learn how the right solution delivers more video content by covering more live events over a wider range of venues with less staff and equipment

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Why remote production?

Producing live, multi-camera events is now more affordable than ever. REMI provides you with an agile, flexible, cost-saving workflow solution that transcends geographic barriers, eliminates the need for an OB van with an excessive amount of equipment and staff, and unlocks new streaming opportunities on multiple platforms—all while maintaining your high production standards.

Remote production by numbers

The broadcast industry is undergoing a significant transformation, accelerated in part by the global pandemic as well as changing viewer consumption behavior. Leading research firms identify the following trends that will impact the sector.

In a Statistica survey from 2021


of respondents watched live sports on television nearly every day 1

Remote production ranked


on the list of industry trends 2

Global OTT revenue projected to reach

$210 billion by 2026

nearly double from 20203

1. Nielsen, "Tracking the Evolution of Global TV Viewing", 2021. Full article here. 

2. Devoncroft, “Big Broadcast Survey (BBS)”, 2021.

3. Digital TV Research, “Global OTT TV and Video Forecasts”, 2022. Full article here.

Remote production benefits

  • Costs

  • Infrastructure

  • Agility and flexibility

  • Barriers

  • Live content


Reduce costs

Minimize on-site staff and equipment to reduce travel and shipping expenses.


Leverage existing infrastructure

Use existing infrastructure by transmitting data to control centers, scaling back on infrastructure needed on-premise.


Improve agility & flexibility

Create unique workflows, allocate resources efficiently, and enable more remote work.


Remove geographic barriers

Improve remote collaboration by locating staff, hosts, correspondents, and guests anywhere.


Deliver more live content

Cover multiple events within the same day to reach a wider audience.

Discover Monarch EDGE

Purpose-built for remote productions, Monarch EDGE encoders and decoders provide you with the flexibility to create more video content using less equipment, less staff, and fewer financial resources—all without sacrificing quality, security, and interoperability. With built-in industry-leading features—including 12G-SDI connectivity, tally & talkback support, and genlockable encoders & decoders—you can now deliver the highest of emotions with the lowest of latencies.


E4 Encoder

The Monarch EDGE E4 4:2:2 10-bit-capable encoder is ideal for demanding, broadcast-quality productions. Programs destined for over-the-top (OTT) or cloud delivery can leverage the EDGE E4 4:2:0 8-bit-capable encoder.


D4 Decoder

When paired with a Monarch EDGE encoder, the EDGE D4 decoder provides ultra-low latency, high-quality video transport.


S1 Encoder/Decoder

A simultaneous encode/decode appliance, Monarch EDGE S1 allows users to provide return feeds to multi-camera production crews in the field. Monarch EDGE S1 offers one 3G-SDI input, allowing program feeds coming from studio to be encoded for secure transport over private or public internet connections.


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