Matrox Imaging Library X

Piecing Your Vision Together


Matrox® Imaging Library (MIL) X is a machine-vision software development kit (SDK) that offers an extensive collection of tools for developing and refining vision applications. This powerful vision software environment gives users the flexibility to choose the pieces needed to build effective, customized, and future-proofed vision solutions.

Ready-made proven vision algorithms

MIL X toolsfor analyzing, locating, and measuring in 2D and 3D, reading and verifying ID marks, and classifying using machine learning including deep learningare used in a multitude of mission-critical applications across 60 industries.

Interactive prototyping environment

More than just a programming library, MIL X comes with MIL CoPilot, an interactive environment that lets users perform deep learning training, set up and experiment with tools, prototype applications without writing program code, and ultimately generate functional program code when ready to proceed with application integration.

Deep learning classification and segmentation

Automatically categorize image content using deep-learning based neural networks for identification and defect detection. MIL X simplifies training for deep learning and delivers optimized deep learning inference.

3D data processing and analysis

MIL X has a rich set of tools for performing 3D processing and analysis on point clouds, depth maps, and/or profiles. These tools feature 3D shape finding, blob analysis, metrology, and more.

Shortened ramp-up

MIL X users benefit from high-quality technical support from applications engineers for guidance on application design, development, and deployment. Users also get access to more than 200 unique training videos available on the Matrox Vision Academy online learning platform.

Freedom of choice

MIL X is available for Windows® and Linux®, both running on Intel® architecture processors and the latter also running on Arm® architecture processors. MIL X also offers flexible licensing for the freedom to license the tools users need. Matrox Imaging also delivers a full line of interoperable hardware productssmart cameras, 3D sensors, vision controllers, frame grabbers, and I/O cardsfor building custom vision solutions.

With MIL X you get


years of performance honed through continuous development, testing, and evolution


training and application development videos available from Matrox Vision Academy


powerful utilities to accelerate evaluation and development, and analyze execution

The right pieces for your next vision application

Get access to MIL X as well as the Matrox Vision Academy training resource.




Comprehensive functionality

MIL X tools are carefully developed to provide outstanding performance and reliability; they are fully optimized for speed. The software is maintained and developed using industry-recognized best practices, including peer review, user involvement, and daily builds. MIL X users are asked to evaluate and report on new tools and enhancements, which strengthens and validates subsequent releases, and ensures these features serve the widest range of real-world applications.


What  our trusted clients have to say

Compared with accuracy rates of 75% to 85% achieved with the original approach, there is no doubt as to the better result. Our project has been greatly enhanced and the progress of reading and cataloguing the data with high accuracy would not have been possible without the gracious assistance of the Matrox Imaging team.

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John Anderson
Senior media technician

Thanks to Matrox Imaging's machine vision tools, we can now be fully confident in delivering a precise processing path for machining and improve customer yield rates while guarding them against material loss with this CNC upgrade.

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Steven Ko
Technical marketing manager

Matrox Imaging is an industry-leading company with its own development and manufacturing capacity that allows its solutions to always be at the forefront of innovation. Their robust products are perfect for the industrial demands of our clients. In short, Matrox Imaging is a reliable partner and supplier that meets the quality and service criteria Marexi wants to transmit to our customers.

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Pau Sánchez Carratalá
Vision and robotics engineer


Performing double 3D sensing for more rounded inspection

Using image classification tools built on deep learning