Matrox Design Assistant X

Agile and powerful development environment

Matrox Design Assistant X

Matrox Design Assistant® X  is a flowchart-based integrated development environment that takes the gymnastics out of vision application development by removing the need for coding. It includes project templates to help new developers get up and running quickly, plus the ability to create custom flowchart steps and design a web-based operator interface.

Offering support for Matrox® Imaging smart cameras, visions controllers, and 3D sensors, flexible Matrox Design Assistant X software lets you choose the best platform for vision project deployment and get a leg up on development.

Integrated development environment

A single software environment for creating both the application logic through flowcharts and the web-based operator interface

Flexible deployment options

Hardware-independent environment supports smart cameras, vision controllers, and PCs with CoaXPress®, GigE Vision®, or USB3 Vision® cameras

Interface to 3D sensors

Readily interface to a multitude of 3D third-party cameras as well as Matrox AltiZ high-fidelity 3D profile sensors

Deep-learning based image classification

Automatically categorize image content using machine learning for identification and defect detection

3D data analysis

Conduct 3D analysis using data from profiles and depth maps

Communicate with automation equipment and enterprise systems

Easily communicate actions and results using TCP/IP, CC-Link IE Field Basic, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus®, OPC UA, or PROFINET®

With Matrox Design Assistant X you get


years of performance honed through continuous development, testing, and evolution


training and application development videos available from Matrox Vision Academy


development environment for building application logic with flowcharts and a web-based operator interface

Get a leg up
on development

Users get access to Matrox Design Assistant X software as well as the Matrox Vision Academy training resource.




Comprehensive functionality

Matrox Design Assistant X offers a graphical way to develop vision applications using a flowchart to configure each step interactively. You can analyze execution demands, test connections and communication, and validate whether any changes will impact the project. Designed to offer users agility and power, Matrox Design Assistant X is equally well-suited for simple application development or solving complex vision projects.


What  our trusted clients have to say

Implementation of this new Matrox Design Assistant X-based system—one that effectively deploys deep learning—has replaced objective visual processes that STIHL had in place. As a result, we anticipate great improvements in our efficiency, with the ability to perform new tasks, ensuring an overall improvement in the quality of our products.


Alexander Fromm
Engineer for automation systems

Based on our own experiences as well as feedback from our customers, Matrox Design Assistant X is quite possibly the most easy-to-use development environment for creating advanced vision applications. It allows virtually any customer to develop their own vision system quickly and efficiently.


Kimmo Jansson
Technical support lead for machine vision

This system, based on Matrox Design Assistant, enables Hydram to assure customers that the quality of the parts they receive from Hydram are the best they can be. It reduces and eliminates the risk of defects escaping our business.


Barry Edgar
Quality assurance manager

With the introduction of the Matrox Imaging-based vision system, a single operator is now able to oversee the entire production process, which helped contribute to a 15% reduction in overall production costs—a clear success.


Marco Goracci
Software developer


Performing visual inspection with deep learning aided by traditional machine vision

Use case: It’s a wrap thanks to a
pick-and-place robotic vision system