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Tips and Techniques for AV-over-IP

*This is an in-person training held in our London office.

The “Matrox Knowledge Net: Tips and Techniques for AV-over-IP Training Programme” is now accredited by AVIXA™. As an AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) Renewal Unit (RU)-recognized programme, attendees get exposure to the latest topics and best practices, plus hands-on opportunities in AV-over-IP deployments. The educational-focused programme also allows AV professionals to accumulate RUs in short, yet highly informative seminars—much quicker than in typical manufacturer-focused classes.

The series will explore the industry’s leading topics, including best practices, competing technologies, key differentiators, and more, and is designed to give system integrators and resellers an in-depth knowledge and hands-on practical application.

Our industry-leading experts on AV-over-IP guide these free seminars. Participants benefit from small group sizes to make the most of this unique learning opportunity. Seminars take place in our London office each month and are 2.5 hours long. Each seminar is followed by a complimentary lunch.

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 Upcoming Seminars

Understanding Scaling of the Distributed Image (CTS RU,CTS-D RU and CTS-I RU 1.5 each)

  • Understand the interplay of lines, pixels and resolution
  • Indicate where Scaling can occur – including unexpected scaling
  • Describe the difference between Vector and Raster Graphics
  • Identify other processes that are commonly mistaken for scaling
  • Appreciate the effect of using the wrong scaling algorithm
  • Understand the potential drawbacks of the built-in scalers in displays

Understanding Compression in AV/IP
(CTS RU 1.5)

  • Explain the difference between lossy and lossless compression
  • Distinguish between spatial and temporal compression
  • Understand the effect of transform, thresholding and quantisation
  • Describe GoP and the relation between I, B and P frames
  • Use correct terminology to describe common compression errors and artefacts
  • Appreciate the use of entropy coding
  • Position audio compression appropriately in a video context

Exploring Streaming Protocols (CTS RU 1.5)

  • Interpret the acronyms used for streaming protocols
  • Understand streaming protocols in the context of the OSI 7-layer model, including encapsulation
  • Identify different protocols used for payload and control of an AV stream
  • Contrast the respective benefits of TCP and UDP in a streaming context
  • Explain the difference between ‘push’ and ‘pull’ protocols and the significance of it

Joining the End-points (CTS RU 2.0)

  • Contrast different streaming modes including web, LAN and direct
  • Describe 3 different LAN topologies and their benefits
  • Explain the difference between a switch and a router both as devices and in the context of the OSI 7-layer model
  • Appreciate how MAC addresses are used
  • Recognise a private IP address
  • Understand one method of Forward Error Correction

Exploring and Understanding Image Properties and Sampling (CTS RU 2.0)

  • Understand the interplay of lines, pixels and resolution with viewing distance
  • Recognise the features of a CIE Chromaticity Diagram
  • Explain the difference between Colour Depth and Colour Space
  • Describe the role of Sampling, the effect of chroma sub-sampling regimes on different content types and its importance in streaming

Our Location:

Matrox’s training facility is located near London and is easily accessible by train or car. Join us at:

Chaplin House,
Widewater Place Moorhall Road,
Harefield Middlesex
UB9 6NS United Kingdom
Tel: (0) 1895 827260

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*This is an in-person training held in our London office.