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Matrox IP KVM extenders are a discrete solution that can securely power multi-monitor systems from a remote location by centralizing hardware in a climate-controlled server room. It increases operator efficiency by allowing for the visualization of more information and the ability to seamlessly switch between systems. No additional software installations simplify deployment and make it more cost-effective with fewer failure points.

Superior Performance

Extio N3408 is the world’s first 4K60 4:4:4 IP KVM extender that supports high resolution applications (3840x2160 @60Hz) at ultra-low-bitrates. Extend multi-display desktops with a single pair of transmitter and receiver devices using four DisplayPort™ connectors. Extio 3 delivers pristine image quality, smooth video playback, and excellent keyboard and mouse responsiveness at a distance.

Flexible Operation

Create flexible, scalable and secure KVM matrix-routing using standard network switches. Confidently future proof investments with Extio 3 by expanding installations without costly upgrades.

Efficient multi-system control

With Aggregator Mode, you can view and operate multiple source computer systems from any Extio receiver unit located at a remote multi-display station, and control them with a single keyboard and mouse.

Enhanced KVM Security

Matrox Extio 3 Series safeguards installations with HTTPs, a secure communication. Extio 3 encrypts transmitted AV and USB signals and protects the desktop content.

Further reach

Built on a highly optimized, ultra-low-bitrate encoding platform, Extio 3 enables KVM extension and switching applications over LAN, WAN, or Internet.

Ease of integration

With Extio 3’s industry-leading technology, users can leverage existing IT networking equipment and standard 1 GbE infrastructure for seamless deployment and operations.Extend up to four video signals at once with a single copper or fiber optic cable to reduce installation costs.

With Extio 3 you get...


years of optimal KVM performance honed through continuous development, testing, and evolution


customer satisfaction rate


Designed and manufactured in Canada

Seamless remote access to your secured systems

4K60 4:4:4 IP KVM extension at unprecedented low bitrates.




What our trusted clients have to say

Matrox has really stood out to KNPC as a true partner throughout the rollout of the remote monitoring solution. KNPC had a long list of requirements for a KVM solution – ranging from security to ease of use – and Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders have completely surpassed their expectations.

Brendan Costigan
Lead Control & Instrumentation Engineer at KNPC

Our main goal was to be able to house desktop PCs in a secure environment, physically separated from the end-users and monitors. This avoids the need to undertake system maintenance directly on/under operator desks, simplifying PC hardware replacement and other tasks.

Andy Marsh
Project Manager at Transpower NZ Ltd

Extio 3 Series features the familiar industry-leading KVM extension performance, feature set, and reliability that we were looking for, while offering support for the latest Windows® operating system. The transition was seamless.

Tim Deleeuw
Project Manager at Fluxys


4K tile view mode can manage multiple systems on a single or dual-4K monitor setup

Simo Juhola from Elkome shares Extio 3's benefits of Aggregator Mode & enhanced cybersecurity

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